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Property Link Solutions is a web based interactive chain management and tracking service providing property buyers with access to an on-line, up-to-date view of their transaction via the internet.

Should the property you are buying or selling become part of a chain of sales, then the service can identify other registered properties in your chain enabling you to view the up to date status of each of the associated transactions 24/7, which means you can access this information even outside of office hours.

Telephone calls to your solicitor/conveyancer and estate agents are reduced as automatic emails regularly update you about the status of your purchase, SMS text messages are also available should you prefer this method of communication. The "Quick Link" feature quickly and easily enables you to access updated status information about other associated registered properties in your chain.

Feedback from current users shows that the timescale from offer to exchange has reduced by an average of 4 weeks whilst the average percentage of failed transactions has fallen in excess of 50%.

As all individuals involved in the chain know exactly what is happening the probability of your purchase succeeding greatly increases.

What does it cost to register?

Buyers - On receipt of an invitation from a registered party you can participate free of charge. Click for more information

Sellers - A £30.00 payment on-line which includes VAT. This fee entitles you to register your own, individual property sale and includes the free participation of the other individuals associated with your transaction. Click for more information