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Questions and answers

  1. What happens when I register?

    You will receive an email confirming your registration this contains a "Quick Link" which you can use as a quick access to log on to your home page.

    You will now be able to view all recorded information about your property transaction.

  2. How do I get others to participate?

    When the email addresses of the parties associated with your property transaction are recorded with the service, each party receives an automatically generated email inviting them to participate free of charge.

  3. How will I know if there are other properties involved in my chain?

    When registering, parties record details of all dependant sales and purchases. The recorded information enables identification of associated registered properties in a chain and the link is made.

    "The Chain Viewer" feature enables you look up and down the chain and you can see at a glance the appropriate information relating to the status of other registered properties in your chain.

  4. Do other people have access to my personal information?

    The service is information sensitive therefore participants are only shown appropriate and relevant information.

    All information is User ID & Password protected so no one has access to personal information without your authority.

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  5. Can I use this service if I am not using an estate agent and or conveyancer/solicitor?

    When individuals register they are asked to record all known details about their property transaction. When the services of an estate agent and or conveyancer/solicitor have not been commissioned, provided the relevant information is recorded by the individual, the service may be used.

  6. How will I be notified when events or actions have been completed?

    When an event or action has been recorded as being completed the service automatically generates an email notification to all the relevant participants. Where the SMS text message option has been chosen, the recipient will receive notification and/or via this method.

  7. What happens when events or actions take longer than anticipated?

    When events or actions take longer than the expected or anticipated date, the service generates automatic email reminders to all the relevant parties until such time the event or action is recorded as being completed.

  8. Will I be inundated by emails?

    You can choose the frequency at which you receive event notification or reminders allowing you to be updated as events happen or by a "0ne-a-day" summary email.

  9. What happens if I need to move by a certain date?

    The interactive "Diary Planner" enables you to set your preferred target exchange & completion dates. You may also indicate if there are any inconvenient periods or dates to be avoided. This information is viewable to others in your chain.

  10. Will this service tell me when I am ready to move?

    You will receive an automatic email and/or SMS text message telling you when you have exchanged.

    Your completion/moving day usually takes place between 7 - 28 days after exchange depending on the date that has been agreed between the parties prior to exchange.

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