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Benefits to Solicitor/Conveyancer

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Conveyancers/solicitors generally spend a large proportion of their working day making and receiving telephone calls to provide updates to their clients, estate agents and other parties involved in a property sale or purchase, which is a time consuming process.

Property Link Solutions is the first company to provide an on-line chain management and tracking service which enables all registered parties to view the status of each transaction within a chain of properties 24/7, thereby reducing reliance on phone calls.

Early adopters reported that use of the service created a marked increase in customer confidence and satisfaction whilst providing an enhanced perception of professionalism to their clients.

Feedback from current users shows that the timescale from offer to exchange has reduced by an average of 4 weeks whilst the average percentage of failed transactions have fallen in excess of 50%, this has been mainly due to the freely available information within the chain which enables participants to take action rather than encounter unforeseen delays, thus making this a unique product to offer to your clients.

What does it cost to register?

Solicitors/conveyancers - Licence activation on registration of company/branch invoiced monthly gives unlimited property registrations plus free participation for the property seller, buyer and associated parties in each registered property transaction. Click for more information